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its 2 girls!!!!!!
Wednesday. 10.12.05 9:13 am
i had 2 girls they were born october 6th Karyn Arabelle Faythe was born at 9:38 am weighin in at 5 pounds 1 ounce and 19 inches and KayLynn Marie Kathleen was born 2 minutes later weighin in at 6 pounds 1 ounce and 20 inches they are so precious!!!! im loving every minute with them!!!!

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Sunday. 10.2.05 10:08 am
Sweetheart passed away today. She was my puppy josh and I's very first baby. Im so sad. Why now? RIP Sweetheart

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Babies r going to be here
Saturday. 10.1.05 12:12 pm
Well I had an appointment thursday and come to find out the baby that wasn't breech is now breech or "frank breech" as they call it with the butt down and the feet up to it's chest and the other baby is head down. It figures they would switch to make things more difficult lol. But thats ok they are healthy little ones. One baby weighs 4 pounds 14 ounces and the other wieghs 5 pounds 3ounces!!! they'll be my chunky little ones. They found out what one of the babies sex was but I didn't want to know since october 6th they have me scheduled for a c-section. I figure I've waited this long I can wait a little longer. Just makes everything that much more special =) ill update with there details after they are born **lata

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babies are good
Sunday. 8.14.05 3:15 pm
WOW! I can't believe theres only 64 more days until my due date, and crazily enough they will probably be here before then. Especially with me havign twins. There room is getting more and more ready for them. It's ready for them to come home now just need some more diapers and wipes and blankies for them. But I do have 2 car seats now so I'll definately get to bring them home. Im getting so anxious for them to be here. Everyday Im talking to them and rubbing my belly telling them I love them and no matter how much I gripe that I don't mind if they kick me lol. till next time lata

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4th of july!
Saturday. 7.2.05 5:11 pm
Happy 4th everyone! this will be like the first time i have actually went to a "family" gathering on a holiday. Usually I go with a friend and do something. Except for the last xmas i was with my hubby and his family which is where ill be this time. But it's nice to spend time with family and do things once in awhile. Especially since I know when the babies come I'll be overwhelmed and not wanna do anything. So happy holiday everyone have fun and stay hydrated!XOXO

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Sunday. 6.26.05 7:53 pm
you know what? swimming is like so much fun! especially because it seems to calm the babies down. I think they like the fact that you know theres no gravity weighing down on them. It also helps me relax and stuff. I am now ready to go home and get a goodnights sleep. But as soon as I lay down they will prolly start movin and making mommies belly jump again. I love it though. I love watching them move literally and it makes me happy knowing they are getting stronger and stronger.I hope everyone is doing ok. XOXO

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